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StreetBondCLStreetBondCL ™
StreetBondCL bike lane coatings reduce accident potential by providing cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle drivers with highly visible cycling areas. Ride-A-Way gives communities the ability to improve the safety of biking areas and lengthen the life of their bike paths with wear and crack resistance, superior color retention and adhesion, minimal water absorption and increased friction properties.  

StreetBondCL Installation Process:
StreetBondCL bike and pedestrian paths can be opened up to traffic within two to eight hours from the final coating application depending on weather conditions. A primer may be required on pre-existing pavement. Typically three layers of the StreetBondCL TM coating produce a durable bike path, however, if vehicle traffic crosses the area, an additional layer is recommended.

Step One

The StreetBondCL coating is applied using the patented spray system.

Step Two

The first coating is broomed into the asphalt surface to ensure the proper bond.

Step Three

Subsequent applications are sprayed and rolled or broomed onto the bike path surface.

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has the technical and installation expertise to successfully complete your project. We have more than ten years of experience focused solely on decorative asphalt applications. As the largest applicator in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have provided technical, installation and design services for numerous commercial organizations, real estate developers, governments and transportation entities.

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