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Are you looking at the driveway or the walkways around your home and thinking that the only choices are boring black asphalt, concrete or expensive brick or stone pavers?
There is another choice that doesn’t have the cost and maintenance issues associated with stamped and stained concrete or expensive pavers. Pavement Impressions’ decorative asphalt can give you the beautiful custom stone or brick patterns you’ve always dreamed about in unlimited color combinations and designs that will complement your home.

You can increase the curb appeal and the overall value of your residence with the quick, low-cost installation of walkways, driveways or accents produced using decorative asphalt. With this alternate paving solution, you can enjoy the benefits of asphalt and the beauty of a more expensive paving method.  


  • A fantastic-looking driveway and walkway with an authentic brick, stone, or slate look
  • Improved curb appeal which can increase the value of a home by 7% - 15%
  • Durable materials that don’t require ongoing yearly maintenance
  • A cost-effective, custom decorative hardscape finish

Pavement Impressions, Inc. is available to help guide you in your design and product selection. We are expert installers – and we ensure that your investment in your driveway or walkways is properly completed. Our goal is to turn your home into a showpiece and provide you with years of hassle-free use and enjoyment.

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Call Pavement Impressions, Inc. for detailed information about available products and installation services at (610) 481-0300.

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