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Decorative Asphalt for Government Clients

Decorative asphalt provides governments and municipalities with a cost-effective solution for revitalizing streetscapes and business districts, improving the livability of public spaces and increasing traffic calming. This alternative paving material provides a customized appearance with the look and feel of traditional hardscaping methods. Coated, imprinted or overlaid asphalt holds many advantages over the traditional paver blocks or stamped concrete materials which government managers, transportation managers, and city planners previously used to pave pedestrian areas.

Decorative Asphalt Advantages
  • Quick Installation – Finishes on roadways, walkways, public spaces and parking lots can be installed in hours – instead of multiple days or weeks – without need to shut down busy traffic areas.

  • Cost-Effective Decorative Solution – There is no need to sacrifice design elements due to budget concerns. This solution provides the benefits of low-cost asphalt with the authentic appearance of upscale traditional materials.

  • Custom Designs – Choose from unlimited color choices and a wide variety of patterns. If you don’t find exactly what you need, Pavement Impressions can create custom designs, offering unlimited flexibility for pathways, crosswalks and intersections.

  • LEED® Credits – Reduce heat island effects with solar reflective coatings that meet LEED® standards and can earn LEED® credits.

  • Low Maintenance – The decorative coating is easily repaired should anything happen. The coatings also prevent water seepage leading to the need to re-set pavers or repair concrete cracking.

  • Durability – The decorative treatments actually strengthen the asphalt, lengthening the lifespan of your paved areas. Treated pavement coatings, inlays and overlays are time-tested in harsh climates and are snowplow- and street sweeper-friendly.

  • Flexible & Continuous Surface – Asphalt moves with freeze/thaw cycles, eliminating the need to install expansion joints required by concrete surfaces. The continuous surface also prevents weed growth and insect burrowing damage.

  • ADA Compliance and Pedestrian Safety – Benefit from safe, reflective, slip- and trip-free surfaces in walkways and crosswalks.

Pavement Impressions provides state, local and federal government and transportation clients with its extensive technical knowledge, ensuring that the right product is used for each application, climate and traffic circumstance. With multiple products designed for virtually every situation, we may recommend an asphalt coating, an aggregate reinforced thermoplastic or a thermoplastic inlay to accommodate the design need and traffic volume conditions.

Pavement Impressions has the installation expertise to successfully complete your project. We have more than ten years of experience focused solely on decorative asphalt applications. As the largest applicator in the Mid-Atlantic region, we provide technical, installation and design services for numerous commercial developers, governments and transportation entities.

Contact Pavement Impressions today at (610) 481-0300 to learn how to implement these advantages.

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